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The New Year has arrived.  Many internet marketing experts speculate that growing your marketing strategies require that you improve your marketing and advertising team. It is also important that you have a plethora of marketing tools on hand. Here are the top 10 we recommend for this coming year!

  1. BuzzSumo

Content is still king, and researching for new content that your audience wants should be quick, clean and effective. BuzzSumo allows you to research using a keyword or backlink, which then returns ar eport about the performance of previous content on those keywords or backlinks. This is a very good investment and it saves time and money

  1. Mention

People love talking about products and services they love. Instead of following all the chatter in different platforms, Mention is a great investment to keep track of these key phrases, brand name mentions, hashtags and more. Keep up with the trends and with the latest gossip about products and services, even professional industries, with mention.

  1. ReferralSnip

Affiliate marketing means a great referral framework, and ReferralSnip allows you to get your business through word of mouth and viral links. Creating your viral program would be easier if you could have multiple designs in just a few seconds. You could even have an awesome badge!

  1. Oktopost

Oktopost can do more numbers than an octopus’ tentacles. Oktopost allows you to manage all your social media presence to share your content, manage your conversations and measure your campaign efficiency in just a few clicks and one battle screen!

  1. Autosend

You’d surely want to up your customer service and response ratings, and Autosend is one tool that helps you send personalised, targeted email and text messages to customers who respond to your website, social network account and emails. Whenever there’s a new member for your service, send them a personalised message automatically.

  1. VWO

VWO is a tool designed to measure the bounce rate of visitors in your website. It helps you measure which of your websites are doing well, which headline is doing perfectly, which web design or writing style is actually attracting audiences.

  1. Tropical

Email marketing can be such a choir, and you’ll be collecting customer information from these sources. Tropical helps you hold all your customers data by sourcing all information from incoming emails, helpdesk notifications and customer service.

  1. Ducksboard

Your mailing list growing by the numbers? Try out Ducksboard. It’s the best when it comes to analysing the demographics of your mailing list, and expanding the numbers of your mailing list in a manageable, non-confusing way.

  1. Canva

You need some new content, like infographics or a new flat design for your website.T. But unfortunately, like us, you aren’t too good with Photoshop. Canva helps you create social media imags, presentations and other images for free and easier than Photoshop. Just use the templates and stock images to include in your work, and you’re all set.

  1. Ope.nr

Ope.nr is a software that allows you to link and share any call to action your company promotes through your social networks. Everyone who visits the link could be redirected to your website without having the trouble of managing it through all sides.

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Social networking sites are what people usually visit when they get to use the Internet. These accounts are where you are able to connect with family, friends, fellow employees and more, even if they live on the other side of the world. Supposing you just want a dose of entertainment, these are purposeful as well.

Now, what can be considered most popular would be Mr. Mark Zuckerberg’s creation: Facebook. With over a billion active users as of this year, 2014, you can really see that it is a platform of wide recognition and employment with both the young and the old.

Just that number alone certainly displays the marketing potential of Facebook. This is more so when talking about affiliate marketing. With the use of the system, you will be able to spread the news and make people aware about your affiliate sites, together with their products and services.

Being a Facebook affiliate can be quite easy. You can just use your own account or more preferably, you can set up a new page dedicated for your affiliate marketing needs. Some SEO functions are needed to be applied too like your keyword usage and custom URL.

For your profile picture, you have to utilise a representative image that is the same through all the platforms you will devote your marketing strategies to. This is essential because this will be your identification even outside of Facebook.

Even as simple as accumulating likes should be an initial goal. When you have an increase in like rate, it means you are slowly building your reputation and widening your scope. Likes are multipliers that when someone likes, their friends will get to see that particular post and perhaps they will approve of it as well. In essence, it is a cycle that can effectively help you in your affiliation duties.

Though it will require some funds, Facebook has an advertising system that will definitely do the trick very well. Nevertheless, the free one can still be very effective.

Many affiliate marketing success stories with the use of Facebook, among others, have been told and so, you also have the choice to take advantage of it. You may have already established a strong foundation for your affiliate website but you can still spread your wings and employ the power of Facebook. Hence, it is necessary to notify your audience about your presence in the social network as well.

Again, because of the immense activity on Facebook, it makes it a very suitable setting for advertising. But you have to be really engaging and interesting to gain and keep the clientele that you are going to forward to merchant websites.

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While there are currently 10s of millions of blogs around the world, near 60 million powered by WordPress alone, many blog writers are not yet monetizing their websites. If you are just one of these bloggers, a best area to start is with affiliate advertising: routing readers to a service or product in exchange for a payment on the sale (or other activity) when it happens.macbook-336704_1280

“If a person is planning to monetize their blog, I would make a strong situation for associate marketing as the best avenue for doing this,” claims Josh Waldron, creator of creative design firm Studio JWAL LLC. “Blogs with top quality content attract loyal readers. Considering that viewers gain from the content supplied, they increase to rely on the authors of that content in time. An author’s blog site articles are a rational location to advertise appropriate products and support services without compromising the stability of the content.”

Below are four quick steps to monetizing your blog through affiliate advertising.

1. Select Relevant Affiliate Programs.
Affiliate advertisements pay per action, which means that readers will need to click the advertisement then either sign up or register for something, or make a purchase before you make money for the action. The even more appropriate the advertisement is to your material, the higher the probability site visitors will click the ad and perform the preferred activity.

So, just what sort of member program will supply the most relevant advertisements for your blog? You will certainly want to sign up with members especially connected with your material if you’re concentrated on a particular subject. If you have a photography site, you could apply to be an associate with a camera devices supplier.

Lots of bloggers going with Amazon.com Associates considering that Amazon.com markets millions of diverse items that are likely to be a suitable for a lot of blog owners. Amazon.com pays commissions of 4 % to 15 %, depending upon volume and item kind.

To discover other targeted affiliate programs, inspect out prominent affiliate clearinghouse sites such as Compensation Junction, LinkShare, and ShareASale. All three deal access to thousands of associate programs, yet you need to apply independently to each one.

2. Take into consideration a Affiliate Aggregator Solution.
If your blog site subjects are more unique, you may think about a program such as VigLink, which automates accessibility to additional than 30,000 affiliate programs and monetizes the hyperlinks on your website for you.

For example, if a blog owner is writing about a brand-new set of footwears located on Zappos, instead of having to register with the Zappos member program directly, they can work with VigLink, which will instantly add the member code to the hyperlink and pay the blogger their gained compensations. While VigLink commonly keepings 25 % for this service, the firm declares that because of their dimension, they “commonly bargain greater compensations that more than cover our share,” says Oliver Deighton, vice head of state of marketing at VigLink.

Along with automatically monetizing existing links, Affiliate aggregator servise could additionally  place new, average links where none existed before. If a blog writer mentions a store, brand name or item, they do not have to stress concerning connecting it themselves: the agrregator will take care of that with its link attachment modern technology, which maximizes for both individual encounter and earnings.

Deighton keeps in mind that while any sort of blog writer could attempt VigLink, blog owners will find the most success if their material is suited towards business.

“Leisure activities, fashion, tech gear, bargains and financial savings are all topics that normally lead to spending; faith, food, increasing kids are less excellent,” adds Deighton.

3. Develop Material That Sells.
Lots of blog writers will actually compose testimonials of products with affiliate advertising in mind.

“The power of a blog site is that it’s easy to aggregate a bunch of loyal fans for particular niche subjects. This provides itself to making recommendations and supplying member connected to those recommendations,” says Chris Conrey, a partner at digital advertising and marketing firm Vuurr.com. Simply throwing out hyperlinks to products with no rhyme or factor will certainly result in a quick leave by site visitors, composes Lynn Truong, Editor-in-Chief of Wise Bread, a preferred personal finance site.

4. Integrate Associate Links Properly.

If you do include affiliate links to your website, see to it you keep a balance between money making and customer encounter, suggests internet designer Kevin Spence.

One way to do this is to keep most of your content ad-free.

“Exactly what I would certainly recommend to people is to consider 5-10 excellent pages that you could utilize to promote associate deals connected to your niche. Then associated with those cash web pages from your sidebar, footer or elsewhere that will offer them a lot of visibility from the other pages on your website. Keep the remainder of your website ad-free,” says Spence. “The goal is not to generate income from every page, but for every web page to be a possible entrance to monetization.”

source: Mashable article: Leyl Black – 2013/02/09/monetize-affiliate-marketing/

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There are many people who greatly misunderstand what affiliate marketing. They think it is just another scam they receive and read in their email. In truth, affiliate marketing is not an easy road to tread. Yes, it involves hard work and passion to grow a business. Money is not picked on trees. It has to be planted, watered and taken care of until it bears fruit. Listen to how Robert Kiyosaki explains it:

If you want to know examples of affiliate marketing companies, watch this:

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